About Us

 The Battle of San Jacinto (1898), by H.A. McArdle, courtesy of the prints and photographs collection, archives and information services division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The San Jacinto Battleground Conservancy is the assumed name for the San Jacinto Battleground Association.  Our organization was founded in 2002.  We are a Texas nonprofit corporation with Section 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Code.  The Friends is an all-volunteer organization that receives funding support solely from membership fees, grants, and donations.  

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To preserve, protect, and reclaim San Jacinto Battlefield National Historic Landmark; and
  2. To promote historical scholarship, archeology, commemoration, and public understanding of the battle of the San Jacinto and the events surrounding the era of theTexas Revolution.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Acting as a stakeholder for the San Jacinto Battleground and the Battleship Texas berthed on the battlefield by advocating for policies that preserve, protect and interpret these historic sites in their proper historic context
  • Organizing and sponsoring the annual Battle of San Jacinto Symposium
  • Conducting archeological surveys in cooperation with TPWD staff and the Texas Historical Commission
  • Raising funds to restore the battlefield's marshes and prairies to their 1836 appearance
  • Identifying and acquiring battlefield properties located outside the area protected by the state-owned historic site
  • Monitoring industrial encroachment and advocating the mitigation of environmental, safety, and security threats to visitors
  • Sponsoring tours of the battleground and nearby sites related to the battle
  • Serving as the fiscal agent for the San Jacinto Volunteers battle reenactment group
  • Supporting and advising TPWD  staff

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site and the Battleship Texas State Historic Site are owned by the State of Texas and managed on behalf of the State by Texas by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).  TPWD has entered into a long-term contract with the nonprofit San Jacinto Museum of History Association (SJMA) that permits the SJMA  to operate a Texas history museum within the interior of the San Jacinto Monument.  TPWD has also entered into a contract with the Battleship Texas Foundation (BTF) that recognizes the BTF as a non-profit fund-raising organization for the ship.  The BTF does not have any ownership or management rights or responsibilities with respect to the ship.  The Friends is not affiliated with the SJMA or the  BTF, both of which are subject to TPWD's regulations for closely-related nonprofit entities.  We support the mission of TPWD as expressed in the Parks and Wildlife Code and TPWD  regulations, and we attempt to work with TPWD to improve both historic sites, but we are not affiliated with TPWD and are not a closely-related nonprofit partner of TPWD.

2009 Annual Report - (42 page report takes some time to load)

2010 Annual Report - (43 page report takes some time to load)

2011 Annual Report Part I  - (Pages 1-34 large report, this is the first half)

2011 Annual Report Part II - (Pages 35-75 large report, this is the second half)

2012 Annual Report - (63 page report takes some time to load)


Officers and Directors:     (A complete list of Officers, Directors and Advisory Board Members is currently being updated)

Cecil Jones, President and Board Member

Gregg Dimmick, Vice President and Board Member

Lucy A. Martin, Treasurer and Board Member

Barbara Eaves, Secretary, and Board Member

Dave Brittain, Board Member

Madeline DeVault, Board Member

Charles L. Duke, Board Member

Jeff Dunn, Board Member

George S. Gayle, III, Board Member

Jo Frances Greenlaw, Board Member

Will Howard, Board Member

Wolfram M. Von-Maszewwski, Board Member

Clara Mattox, Board Member

Steve Mattox, Board Member

Joe Edd Nelson, Board Member

David B. Singleton, Web Master and Board Member




Archeology Committee (Dr. Gregg Dimmick, Chairman)

Environmental Awareness Committee

Historical Marker Committee (David Pomeroy and Jeff Dunn, co-Chairs)

Advocacy Committee (Elizabeth Whitlow, Chair)

Membership Committee (Joe Edd Nelson, Chairman)

Website Committee (David B. Singleton, Chairman)

Real Estate Committee (George Gayle III, Chairman).  

Members are encouraged to join one or more committees.