Save the Battleground

Save the Battleground! 


In February 2010 we launched an ambitious fund-raising campaign to raise $625,000 by August 1, 2010 to purchase a 19-acre tract of land located on Buffalo Bayou between the 1836 Texas Army camp and Lynchburg ferry.  With the help of grants from foundations, donations from individuals and groups, and a bridge loan, we were able to acquire this property.  We now need to retire the loan and raise additional monies to begin the restoration of this property as closely as possible to its 1836 condition.  Traversed by the historic Harrisburg-Lynchburg road, this iproperty was the route of the Runaway Scrape during March and April 1836, the route of the Mexican cavalry on April 16, and the route of the Texas Army on the morning of April 20.  We need every Texan's help to SAVE THE BATTLEGROUND.  For additional details on this project please CLICK HERE.  To donate to this worthwhile project please click here.


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